Cerda Network Parc

Using the series of ‘leftover’ triangles of the Cerda plan in Barcelona to create a great new public space, not as one or as a system, but as a series of sequenced elements.

In the mid 1800’s, when Cerda created the plan for Barcelona, he merely saw the chamfered corners of each block as a functional move – to allow ...

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mount NL

Why NL should be more ambitious about land creation

The potential of using trash to form a new Dutch landscape.

Trash is not waste. Trash is material. Burning or burying ...

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Floating in Public

Can the rivers, the historically seen as merely the feeder of the cores of cities due to transport and industry, become the new cultural, social and ecological centers of cities? Or could they even be the next great public spaces?

Bodies of water have often been the reason for human settlement. Their usage as transport made them ideal places for trade and therefore ...

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