mount NL

mount NL

Why NL should be more ambitious about land creation

The potential of using trash to form a new Dutch landscape.

Trash is not waste. Trash is material. Burning or burying is often the option for most materials. Recycling is nice, but is often quite awkward and inefficient and only applies to a few materials. Can ‘recycling’ be thought of in a fresh way? Waste is not necessarily food, as has been said before, but it IS material. With xxxxxxxx of material waste every year in the Netherlands what could be done with all that material? For that matter, many countries in Europe struggle to dispose of their waste what would be the value to those countries of someone else took care of the waste disposal for them?

In a country like the Netherlands that is literally composed mostly of found or manufactured land, why is all of this material being cast aside? Have the Dutch ambitions for land creation become a thing of the past in the face of ecology and political correctness? Could the Dutch history of land making be taken to the next level?

Every year millions of Dutch and Europeans flock to Switzerland, France, Austria, etc for ski season and for hiking/camping/recreation. Meaning the Dutch citizens have to leave Holland for this amenity. Could this be changed?

A series of research tasks can be undertaken to investigate what the potentials are for further Dutch land creation via the reuse of trash. Could a ‘Dutch Alps’ be formed? If so, how long would it take to form? Would these ambitions outdo that of the Egyptians? What are the potential economic impacts of such a strategy? What are the infrastructural implications of such a move? Could each Dutch city function as a ski town? Can the green heart be transformed into mountNL?